Requisite October Check-In


And so October has come ’round once again, bringing with it that most venerable of holidays: Halloween!

As is my usual tradition, I aim to watch a smattering of festive horror films throughout the month, and I typically post the intended viewing list here in my blog.

Unlike my usual tradition, however, this year’s list is tragically devoid of theme. I like to group the annual movie list by some clever or appealing motif. This year, I’ve been a bit more pressed for time than usual, so the films are a bit more random. Though I suppose a case could be made that a few of them fall into a “natural predator” vein — with killer bears and rampaging wolf packs — but, honestly, it’s just how the cards happened to fall this time.

This year’sĀ featured films include:

Image: By Heather Moreton from Louisville, KY, USA [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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