Finding Purpose

(Originally posted on Blogger site.)

As this is my first post, I should iron out some of my thoughts about this blog, why I’m writing here.

Primarily, I see this as a space to post and disseminate my writing. I’m interested in sharing my work and I’ll periodically be posting pieces of my writing in a variety of electronic formats.

I also see this as a space that I’ll be using the sketch out some ideas that I have regarding writing, my experiences in trying to publish my work, thoughts on the state of publishing in general, as well as reactions to other writing that I come across.

But there may be occasional digressions, I’ll warn you — I may rant sporadically on some other topic that I find of importance. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m less in favor of a myopic and highly-focused approach to life, and that most thoughts/interests/experiences in a person’s life need to interplay with the others, to blend through each other and influence one another. I first started to feel this way when I considered an approach that is often taken in academia — to encourage academics to select a special focus, then pour themselves into that narrow crack in their study, developing an exhaustive familiarity within this small scope. It never sat well with me, this kind of approach. This isn’t to say that academics don’t have an appreciation for interdisciplinary work; they often do. That was just the first time I became aware of my feelings regarding this sort of attentiveness.

Reader, you have been warned; turn back now before it’s too late.

Still there? Then let’s take a walk and talk for a while.


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