Leveling My Opinion Like an Inelegant Sledgehammer

(Originally posted on Blogger site.)

I’ve decided to start posting short reviews of books as I finish reading them. Yes, that’s right: I read a book, it gets written about here. Links will be plastered all over up in this piece, too, let me tell you.

When does it begin? Now.

I also would like to extend a public invitation to those writers whose work I will be publicly discussing: you are welcome to reply, retort, and otherwise engage me in conversation about the work. Either here in the post comments, or [the future arrives in 3 – 2 – 1 -] by conversing with me in Google Talk. I’ll record the audio of the conversation and post it here in the blog. No one may actually read or listen to this conversation…but that’s a topic for debate at another time.

So there it is. Ground rules are established. Stay tuned for a deluge of my opinion.


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