Staggering In, A Stranger from the Fall

Vagrants, Wikimedia Commons

(Originally posted on Blogger site.)

Like an edgy drifter sliding into town after dark, propped up in a corner booth at the diner, with a black coffee and an order of cold, dry toast, I return to you, internet-townsfolk.

Worn out after a long semester spent working a full-time job, teaching a university class, and earning some extra coin at an evening job, I am ready for a break. Lovely as the new experiences were, I now embrace the coming quiet with much enthusiasm.

The experience of teaching an entire class was a new and interesting one. It took a great deal of time, focus, and effort — but, I must admit, I learn a lot from it and found that I cared very much about the students with whom I was working throughout the semester. The time spent in the class, talking with everyone, pulling apart the concepts — all of that was quite enjoyable. The planning, prep work, and grading I could have done without.

I’m also look forward to having a little time again to work on creative projects, among other things. Though I haven’t had ample time to get them started, I do have some new writing ideas. I’m excited to give them a whirl around the dance floor and see if I don’t fall face-down in the process.

I will be kicking-off this grand shift in activity by starting on a first draft of a short novel. This work will be something new for me; a different exploration in tone and content. Sort of. We should all occasionally try something different, myself included.

At any rate, here I am again. Hopefully, I’ll be posting now with more regularity.

Image:┬áBy Frederick Walker (1840-1875) (“Famous Paintings” (Cassell, 1913)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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