Requisite Halloween Post!

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Hello there!

As it’s the month of October, it seemed a good idea to post my intended movie-viewing list for the rest of the Halloween season. Sometime between today and the 31st, I’ll (hopefully) be having a gander at:

In previous years, J and I have staged thematic movie series in October (“devil cults” and “noirror” being two such organizing motifs). A few of the titles above gave me the idea to pursue yet another themed movie project — watching as many “found footage”-style films as I can find. I confess to being a bit of a sucker for that style of filmmaking, as well as its well-known bastard cousin, the mock-documentary. (I squarely place a lot of blame on In Search Of and Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot for making a young and impressionable Eric favorably inclined towards that style/genre of film.) Though I don’t think I’ll be viewing every one on that list, there are quite a few I haven’t seen.

Again, October brings us its usual slew of good omens.

Image: Halloween Decoration, circa 1901 [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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