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As you will have noticed, if you’re one to skulk around my blog on a regular basis, I have been lax in posting of late.

You see, I’ve got a lot going on at the moment, and my time is scarce. But I did want to be certain to give some kind of update, some little tidbit of text to let the populace know that I am still breathing and still quite (semi-)functional.

In summary, here are a few things I offer to explain what I’ve been doing and why I haven’t been as good about posting here as I wish I could be:

  • I’ve been teaching myself HTML/XML/CSS coding by way of this book and the Code Academy┬átutorials. I find coding to be absolutely fascinating. and I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t try to teach myself about this sooner. It gives the opportunity to experience that lovely, intense focus, narrow like a laser beam, in which the entire world seems to evaporate away.
  • Busy like a beaver, getting all sorts of things organized on the home-front. October will be upon me before I know it.
  • I’m about to enter a period of working multiple jobs. Yeah, I know. What a person will do for some fiscal ease…

So…yeah, that’s all I’ve got. My apologies, Internet. I’ll try to get you something more soon. Come on — keep checking back. You know I’m good for it.


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