Damn You, Blind Cosmic Synchronicity!

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I can’t believe this! Outrageous! Unacceptable! The idea stolen, as though plucked out of my brain.

I am referring to the travesty of justice that will be the upcoming Sharknado.

“But, Eric,” you say, “why would you compare a shark-tornado to subprime mortgage crisis investment firms (and the lack of subsequent federal regulation of said firms), or any one of the mortal sins??”

Well, let me transfix you with my glittering eye and tell you my tale. Then YOU can be the judge…

Earlier today, I came across this in my Facebook feed:

Ominous like a dorsal fin cruising above the waterline.

What would normally be a welcome piece of information instead stung like a stabbing blade made of…bitter…pills. Yes. Because, you see, about a week earlier, I had a crazy moment of inspiration, and I realized what the world was lacking, that I now had in my head. So I started crafting an image to realize my vision and communicate it to the world.

This is my concept:

The Magnum Opus

The layering effects are rough, I know. I stopped refining them when I realized that my brilliant innovation would be served up like room-temperature leftovers from the day before. You can now see why this collision of natural disaster and natural predator would cause me to react thusly:

The face of incredulity.

Look upon my work, ye mighty, and despair. Before you know it, all your good ideas will be direct-to-video.


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  1. Sebastian says:

    Both the concept and the look on your face are hilarious!

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