Jeitner’s Folly, or The Post in Which I Emit a Frustrated Noise, Gesture Wildly, Then Shrug and Shuffle Away

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I’ve changed my mind.

About that weird fiction bibliography, that is.

I thought about it a bit — kind of knew for some time, in some vague way, that I was dissatisfied with it. But I figured I would give it some time and then see. Maybe I’d come back around and realize I knew what I was doing when I started it.

I did not know what I was doing.

As such, I’ve decided to discontinue the once-personally-esteemed project of an ongoing weird fiction bibliography. I reached this decision after it occurred to me that I was going to have an impossibly difficult time determining precisely whose work I would and would not include in such a list — because, of course, forming determinations like that would require me to, first, formulate a working definition of weird fiction, establish borders of delineation around the genre. And I was really not interested in making a determination like that.

My humble apologies to the vast number of you who were really excited to see how that developed.

Image: By Carelesshx (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. DerikB says:

    I’m no expert but you’d probably be recreating the wheel anyway.

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