Review: The Art Forger

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Title: The Art Forger

Author/Editor: B. A. Shapiro

Art history meets Dan Brown. Or maybe John Grisham. I’m unsure. It’s one of those writers, or someone similar.

Historical mysteries, ill-conceived heists, and courtroom shenanigans. The books feels like it wants to be all things to all people. Some drama, some love story, some suspense. (Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out yet if I’ve got a problem with novels that want to encompass all forms like that.) Too neatly plotted in some ways; too unbelievable in others. The main character’s life has a strange way of repeating and interplaying with itself. (By the latter, I mean that moments and events in one facet of her life/career give her convenient sparks of needed revelation about other facets.) Like a lot of fiction, it’s just too damn convenient, and that bothers me.

And some moments were just goofy in a broadly-stereotypical way. A character actually says, at one point, “I didn’t expect to fall in love…That wasn’t part of the plan.” No, really, they say that. Really.

Final Rating: 3 out of 10


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