Review: Wool Omnibus

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Title: Wool Omnibus

Author/Editor: Hugh Howey

Mixed opinions on this one. It’s difficult to commit far into the positive or negative end of the spectrum. I’m inclined to give it a dead-center rating. Maaaaybe just under center.

I liked the first and second parts; thought the third was OK; and was quite ready to quit on parts four and five, but also wanted to see where it would end.

Pros of the work include: its general plotting and the subsequent twists in that plot; as well as how it effectively shifted reader’s perspective on certain characters (e.g., the mayor in Part 1 seeming villainous, only to be humanized in Part 2, etc.). Cons include: some large holes in the overall premise (basically, “The Plan” — as I’ll refer to the revealed secret strategy in order to avoid spoilers — strikes me as an exercise in radically-poor thinking); somewhat-flat characters, and a non-distinctive voice/style in the writing. I realize style is usually on the flat side in much fiction, but I keep holding out hope for the books I read.

I also admit I might be biased and a bit harsh when considering this book, as I think I’ve closed the book on post-apocalyptic fiction after reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

Final Rating: 4 out of 10


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