Amuse Me, Internet Bots! Dance! Dance for Me!

It’s often pretty quiet on this site. It is the rare exception, the unusual instance, that someone actually leaves a comment on one of my blog posts. Largely, I post to entertain myself in this virtual space — which, as it happens, I tend to imagine as a kind of electronic cabin, positioned on a vast mountain of unimaginable scale that is peppered with dark, pine forests and rocky, snowy peaks.

One might think that such quiet would discourage me or lead me to rethink posting on the site. It doesn’t. I consider myself decent enough company. Additionally, I’m content to pour out my thoughts to you, little web-crawling spider-bots. You who scour through my new posts semi-regularly with your dynamically-weighted lexicons. You don’t say much, but you’re always around.

What’s especially entertaining is when you overcome the rigid focus of your programming and reach out, in a fleeting attempt to communicate something meaningful to me. Or at least to communicate something marketable. Even then, the communication is dicey, at best.

Like today. I found this comment pending in the queue.

No-one is discussing!

It was waiting for me to come and approve it — and, in turn, to approve of you, little spambot. Perhaps to reciprocate all of the listening/text-crawling that you do with some honest listening of my own.

Tragically, that never comes to pass. Our relationship is destined to be a dysfunctional one in which I unilaterally benefit from you, while your needs are never adequately met. I don’t seem to care enough to change my ways, and you aren’t able to let me go. And so things cycle on.

I’ll see you next week, Nike Air Jordan 6 Cigar.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m reading! Though, I have a hard time imagining snow anywhere these days…let alone on the mountain tops of you your web-based mind-cabin. It’s just hot here. Gloriously hot.

    P.S. I think the word ‘weird’ needs to be larger in your word map to the right. Much larger.

  2. Eric says:

    Yikes! A real, live commenter! Huzzah!
    Sorry for the delay in getting your comment approved. This just goes to show I should be checking the site more often than I do.
    Thank you — I’m always glad to see that people are reading posts here. :) And, yes, I’m working on making the weird tag MUCH larger as I post more.
    Keep enjoying all that vast, encompassing heat!

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