Notes on a Screenplan — Now Available!

Notes on a Screenplan, cover

Once again, I’ve gotten my act together just enough to release another work into the ebookisphere. Like my previous collection of fiction, this item is available for free download on

This book, Notes on a Screenplan, is a short, non-fiction work. Kind of a manifesto; kind of an opinionated rant. I wrote it because I started working on a screenplay draft and quickly found that the standard format for screenplays left me dissatisfied. I considered what sort of arrangement would work better for me, how I would like to compose the draft to best capture all of the details I was interested in. In the end, I wrote this hoping it would serve as both an introduction and a warning shot, giving a context for my future screenwriting attempts.

Like my previous work, this short text is released under a Creative Commons license, so it’s completely free to download. It’s available in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and one or two other electronic formats.

Please grab a copy and enjoy filling your leisure time with my half-baked opinions!


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