Halloween Viewing

Halloween gingerbread house

And by “viewing,” I mean viewing — not viewing.

Like every recent year, I try to make October a month chock full of horror movies. Every year, my wife and I select a theme and structure our viewing list around it. Past years themes have included “noirror,” devil cults, and found-footage.

This year, the chosen theme is…the yeti.

This one proved to be a bit trickier than previous themes for assembling the list itself. There is a relatively small number of yeti films overall — of which there is a smaller subset of films that are halfway decent — and of which there is an even smaller subset that I haven’t already seen. But since it had been some years since I’d last watched them, we included those that were repeat viewings. I also decided to adopt a very liberal interpretation of the term “yeti” that also encompasses “sasquatch,” “ape creature,” and “this one sci-fi movie I really want to watch.”

And, thus, our list was generated:

Hopefully, all items on this list will be watched by the end of the month. Nothing is sadder than a Halloween movie marathon that’s still sluggishly lingering through the end of November, going stale like so much leftover turkey wrapped in wrinkled tinfoil.

Image: By Wendy Piersall [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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