December, 2012

Hey! New Fiction Over Here!

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Psst! Your attention, please! I’ve posted a piece of fiction that is now available for free download! Marzitrepan

Writers Speaking, the Speech Printed as Writing

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) The other day, J passed on an article to me, something that I might enjoy reading — an interview with Russell Banks in Harper’s Magazine. I always enjoy reading interviews, autobiographies, and other first-person accounts/thoughts from creative types. Though they run the risk of being highly subjective — if not […]

Imprinting Like a Baby Duck

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I decided that, going forward, I’ll need some sort of icon/glyph/ward/snappy logo that I can use in future projects to seamlessly convey to you, the home consumer, that I have produced/authored/edited/endorsed the work contained therein. As such, I give you —

Please Excuse Our Dust

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) If you happen to be one of the web-crawling bots that regularly reads my blog, you might notice some sudden changes or alterations to the format here. Don’t worry. I’m just trying to update the look of the place and arrange things a bit more functionally. </foreshadowing> I’ll need this […]

Mission Control

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of mission statements and how they could relate to what I’m trying to do as a writer/creative artist/person. I mean this in the grand sense — what I have in mind as a long-term ambition for the work I produce, and […]