February, 2013

Contemporary Book Cover Design (or, How Publishers Like to Upset Me)

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Blech. An article in the New York Times — Favorite Book Cover Designs of 2012 — is what got me thinking about this. Actually, I need to interrupt myself here. Because that’s not entirely true. For a long time, I didn’t pay any attention to book covers. Then, after a recent, lengthy discussion […]

Review: The Death of Bunny Munro

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: The Death of Bunny Munro Author/Editor: Nick Cave Review: This book left me with a very complex and conflicted set of reactions. Initially, I didn’t care for it. It seemed aimless, indulgent, and without any real purpose. And, after it seemed not to have any compunction about continuing in […]

Weird Fiction: An Evolving Bibliography (1st Stage)

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I love weird fiction. It’s a literary interest, and one that I have a personal investment in, given that most of what I write tends to fall (as I see it) in the general vicinity of labels like “weird fiction,” “speculative fiction,” and “horror fiction.” (You know how I feel […]

Review: The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2011

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2011 Author/Editor: Paula Guran Review: I’m not going to lie to you: the first thing that grabbed me about this book was that cover. Look at it over there…so very well-designed. I knew — from the moment it first uploaded to my […]

Seth Godin on NPR’s “On Being”

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I subscribe to the podcast for On Being, a great show on NPR that deals with all sorts of abstract and philosophical questions. This week, I heard a very interesting interview with guest Seth Godin. You can hear the broadcast version of interview here: Seth Godin / On Being. (For […]

Leveling My Opinion Like an Inelegant Sledgehammer

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I’ve decided to start posting short reviews of books as I finish reading them. Yes, that’s right: I read a book, it gets written about here. Links will be plastered all over up in this piece, too, let me tell you. When does it begin? Now. I also would like […]