October Shadows Loom

It’s October — and that means that Halloween is approaching quickly. Too quickly. My time to write posts is sparse right now, but I do like to put up something here to mark the holiday. Some small token as a reminder to myself that this favorite of nights is coming on. So, without further ado, […]

Staggering In, A Stranger from the Fall

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Like an edgy drifter sliding into town after dark, propped up in a corner booth at the diner, with a black coffee and an order of cold, dry toast, I return to you, internet-townsfolk. Worn out after a long semester spent working a full-time job, teaching a university class, and […]

Updates & Excuses

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) As you will have noticed, if you’re one to skulk around my blog on a regular basis, I have been lax in posting of late. You see, I’ve got a lot going on at the moment, and my time is scarce. But I did want to be certain to give […]