Halloween Movie Viewing, 2017 Edition

Once again, friends, the time has come ’round — the creeping of autumn days towards All Hallows Eve. And with it comes my annual tradition of viewing a somewhat-higher-than-usual number of horror films.

Requisite October Check-In

And so October has come ’round once again, bringing with it that most venerable of holidays: Halloween! As is my usual tradition, I aim to watch a smattering of festive horror films throughout the month, and I typically post the intended viewing list here in my blog. Unlike my usual tradition, however, this year’s list […]

The Power of Dracula Compels You!

Occasionally, you’re online and you come across something unexpected. Perhaps you mis-click and direct your browser to a surprising web page. Perhaps you don’t carefully consider word choice before diving into that image search. Or perhaps you find yourself unintentionally engaged with the surreal Russian roulette of search engine autocomplete suggestions. These little moments of unplanned hilarity […]

Revenge is a Dish Best Served 3 Centuries After the Fact to Folks Who Don’t Even Know Who You Are

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been watching some fine-caliber horror movies over the past few weeks. Though they were predominantly focused on that enlightened Himalayan sage, the yeti, the remainder of the roster were made up of any that struck my choosy, discerning fancy. One that really merits mention is a charming Mexican release from 1962, El […]

Halloween Viewing

And by “viewing,” I mean viewing — not viewing. Like every recent year, I try to make October a month chock full of horror movies. Every year, my wife and I select a theme and structure our viewing list around it. Past years themes have included “noirror,” devil cults, and found-footage. This year, the chosen […]

My Grail Quest (…If the Holy Grail Were, in Fact, a Giant Mushroom Person)

There are few things that I pursue over a long span of time with anything resembling dogged determinism. However, one thing that has remained with me as a longtime goal in life is to identify and watch certain movies. Seems simple enough; something that I might have accomplished by now, given all the time I’ve […]

Requisite Halloween Post!

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Hello there! As it’s the month of October, it seemed a good idea to post my intended movie-viewing list for the rest of the Halloween season. Sometime between today and the 31st, I’ll (hopefully) be having a gander at: Begotten Witchcraft John Dies at the End The Last Exorcism (I […]

Halloween Post: The 57 Best Horror Movies List

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I felt that the TimeOut London movie list I came across yesterday was one of the better lists of this kind that I’d ever seen. However, it still struck me as somewhat lacking; though it had included some seminal horror films that often get overlooked by top-genre lists, there were […]