Secluded Shelf 5 — The 2015 Edition

The time has come for another new blog feature that promises to occur regularly, but could just as easily fall into the online trash can as prey to my capricious whim! Thus, without further delay, I present Secluded Shelf 5 — an annual list of 5 texts that I feel are criminally undervalued or have […]

Requisite Halloween Post!

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Hello there! As it’s the month of October, it seemed a good idea to post my intended movie-viewing list for the rest of the Halloween season. Sometime between today and the 31st, I’ll (hopefully) be having a gander at: Begotten Witchcraft John Dies at the End The Last Exorcism (I […]

Genre and the Simultaneous-Razing-and-Appreciating of Categories

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I’ve got such a complicated and conflicted relationship to genre. I always have. The notion never sits quietly in my head. There are obvious benefits to having a clear and delineated architecture that works to parse out the differences between literary categories. And some strange back room of my librarial […]