Halloween Movie Viewing, 2017 Edition

Once again, friends, the time has come ’round — the creeping of autumn days towards All Hallows Eve. And with it comes my annual tradition of viewing a somewhat-higher-than-usual number of horror films.

Requisite October Check-In

And so October has come ’round once again, bringing with it that most venerable of holidays: Halloween! As is my usual tradition, I aim to watch a smattering of festive horror films throughout the month, and I typically post the intended viewing list here in my blog. Unlike my usual tradition, however, this year’s list […]

Revenge is a Dish Best Served 3 Centuries After the Fact to Folks Who Don’t Even Know Who You Are

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been watching some fine-caliber horror movies over the past few weeks. Though they were predominantly focused on that enlightened¬†Himalayan sage, the yeti, the remainder of the roster were made up of any that struck my choosy, discerning fancy. One that really merits mention is a charming Mexican release from 1962,¬†El […]

Halloween Viewing

And by “viewing,” I mean viewing — not viewing. Like every recent year, I try to make October a month chock full of horror movies. Every year, my wife and I select a theme and structure our viewing list around it. Past years themes have included “noirror,” devil cults, and found-footage. This year, the chosen […]

October Shadows Loom

It’s October — and that means that Halloween is approaching quickly. Too quickly. My time to write posts is sparse right now, but I do like to put up something here to mark the holiday. Some small token as a reminder to myself that this favorite of nights is coming on. So, without further ado, […]

Requisite Halloween Post!

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Hello there! As it’s the month of October, it seemed a good idea to post my intended movie-viewing list for the rest of the Halloween season. Sometime between today and the 31st, I’ll (hopefully) be having a gander at: Begotten Witchcraft John Dies at the End The Last Exorcism (I […]

Halloween Post: The 57 Best Horror Movies List

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I felt that the TimeOut London movie list I came across yesterday was one of the better lists of this kind that I’d ever seen. However, it still struck me as somewhat lacking; though it had included some seminal horror films that often get overlooked by top-genre lists, there were […]