When Life Gives You Mechanical Pencils…

There has been a pause, lately, a hiatus in posting. I offer the usual rationale: I’ve been busy. We’ve been trying to move, you see. To purchase a new house. Something that is a little bit larger with a few more amenities. And, most definitely, a little bit more central-air-conditioning infused. The search has been […]

My Grail Quest (…If the Holy Grail Were, in Fact, a Giant Mushroom Person)

There are few things that I pursue over a long span of time with anything resembling dogged determinism. However, one thing that has remained with me as a longtime goal in life is to identify and watch certain movies. Seems simple enough; something that I might have accomplished by now, given all the time I’ve […]

Void Games

I posted a photo set the other day on my Tumblr blog. It was a series of screen captures I took, depicting me having some fun at Meaningless Void, a Tumblr blog I happened upon. The site is wonderful, clearly the work of someone with a fantastic sense of humor.

Staggering In, A Stranger from the Fall

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Like an edgy drifter sliding into town after dark, propped up in a corner booth at the diner, with a black coffee and an order of cold, dry toast, I return to you, internet-townsfolk. Worn out after a long semester spent working a full-time job, teaching a university class, and […]

Backwards Through the Looking Glass

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) A new year, rife with symbolic freshness! A few years ago, I decided to try my hand at keeping a journal. If I’m being accurate, I think it was a bit over two years ago that I made this decision. Like many of the whims that hit me, it never […]

Quotes on Writing and Time

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) After a bit of a hiatus, I’ve returned to post a few quotes that I came across this morning. I’m currently reading Jeff Vandermeer‘s BookLife, and both quotes are from that work. One is by Vandermeer himself, and the other is a quote that he used as a lead-in to […]