I Have Joined the Tweet-Box!

I have emerged… Crept out on to yet another of the Internet’s numerous, onion-skin layers. Like a confused moth bursting from its cocoon—unsure of its surroundings and about to pitch, face-first, on to the ground—I am now on Twitter. You can find me there, if you know where to click. If you are easily amused by […]

Strange and Stranger

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I started watching a film yesterday — Stranger on the Third Floor. I viewed one scene, somewhere near the middle of the movie, and a thought occurred to me.

Staggering In, A Stranger from the Fall

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Like an edgy drifter sliding into town after dark, propped up in a corner booth at the diner, with a black coffee and an order of cold, dry toast, I return to you, internet-townsfolk. Worn out after a long semester spent working a full-time job, teaching a university class, and […]

Self-Proliferating Like a Bread Mold

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Leave me to sit in a warm room for a while and I will start popping up all over the place. Take, for example, these spiffy, new instances of web-presence: My very own Goodreads Author profile. The Dark Outside at Barnes & Noble. The ebook at Kobo. If you haven’t […]