The Loathsome Presence of an Unmutual

After a period of consideration, I recently shut down my account on Facebook. I’ve been experiencing a growing sense of unease over social media, especially since I started reading Jacob Silverman’s Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection. My spouse recommended it to me after she’d read it and subsequently abandoned most […]

When Life Gives You Mechanical Pencils…

There has been a pause, lately, a hiatus in posting. I offer the usual rationale: I’ve been busy. We’ve been trying to move, you see. To purchase a new house. Something that is a little bit larger with a few more amenities. And, most definitely, a little bit more central-air-conditioning infused. The search has been […]

Supreme Predatory Strangeness

One thing that I like about Smashwords is that I can sift through a lot of ebooks and usually find something entirely new, really novel/fresh, and (sometimes) very well-written. It’s a common critique of these sites that a person is taking a big gamble, likely to find a vast quantity of garbage, but little substance. Recently, though, […]

Against Confirmation Bias

It’s not often that I actively catch myself in a moment where, were I not paying attention, my brain could veer off along a poorly-conceived line of thinking. Since I did happen to notice that happening recently, I thought I’d share the anecdote and elaborate a bit on why I feel it important to share. […]

Backwards Through the Looking Glass

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) A new year, rife with symbolic freshness! A few years ago, I decided to try my hand at keeping a journal. If I’m being accurate, I think it was a bit over two years ago that I made this decision. Like many of the whims that hit me, it never […]

Observations on a Subway Car

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I like to see people. I recently started trying to really look at people around me when I had lengthy periods during which I could observe them. I ride the bus and the subway every day, to and from work, and so I often have these opportunities now. This is […]