Public Mystery

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I do a lot of driving and, as a result, a lot of listening to podcasts. One of the handful of shows that I closely follow is 99% Invisible, a popular, well-produced podcast covering various topics that have some connection to design and architecture. Their episodes frequently inspire in […]

The Loathsome Presence of an Unmutual

After a period of consideration, I recently shut down my account on Facebook. I’ve been experiencing a growing sense of unease over social media, especially since I started reading Jacob Silverman’s Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection. My spouse recommended it to me after she’d read it and subsequently abandoned most […]

Bound in Fetish Tape

Sometimes, I need to fuss over a small issue. I can’t help myself; it’s in my nature. I regularly listen to the podcast 99% Invisible. It’s a great show — well-produced, with a wide array of interesting, design-related topics. I recommend listening. The other day, I caught their episode on Nick Drake and his music. […]

Publishing Choices and Proxy Dilemmas

After some time spent investigating options and some deep contemplation, I’ve decided to publish my first collection of work through Currently, I’m coding, testing, adjusting, and generally getting the ebook ready for public consumption. I’ll let you know when it’s available, and that should happen pretty soon. Now, it’s important to mention that, per my earlier […]

The Issue at Hand

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Among the many things that I spend my time arguing with myself about, there is lately one thing that tends to dominate all the others. It’s this issue that particularly seems to throw me into a fit of uncertainty. A few years ago, I underwent a kind of personal revolution. […]