Secluded Shelf 5 — The 2015 Edition

The time has come for another new blog feature that promises to occur regularly, but could just as easily fall into the online trash can as prey to my capricious whim! Thus, without further delay, I present Secluded Shelf 5 — an annual list of 5 texts that I feel are criminally undervalued or have […]

Review: Wool Omnibus

Title: Wool Omnibus Author/Editor: Hugh Howey Review: Mixed opinions on this one. It’s difficult to commit far into the positive or negative end of the spectrum. I’m inclined to give it a dead-center rating. Maaaaybe just under center. I liked the first and second parts; thought the third was OK; and was quite ready to quit […]

Review: Against the Workshop

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: Against the Workshop Author/Editor: Anis Shivani Review:  This book, and my subsequent reaction to it, came as a bit of a surprise. I decided to read it, thinking that the author’s approach/opinion would resonate with me. Surprisingly, it didn’t. At all. I found myself disagreeing strongly with a lot […]

Review: Perdido Street Station

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: Perdido Street Station Author/Editor: China Miéville Review:   This was a difficult book to rate. I had some up and down moments while reading it. Thankfully, I’d say the up outnumbered the down, which were much fewer. For the most part, I thought it was extremely inventive, original, and seeking to […]

Review: One Bedroom Apartment

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: One Bedroom Apartment Author/Editor: Ryan Sheffield Review:   Overall, I’d say this is a pretty decent collection, though I felt that the stories ran the gamut in terms of how arresting they were. The collection started off really powerfully, though I found each of the subsequent stories less powerful than the […]

Review: The Terror

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: The Terror Author/Editor: Dan Simmons Review:   I really enjoyed this book. It’s a great novel overall — outstanding, realistic details; a deep sense of dread. The inhospitable environment of the Arctic really brings out the possibilities for despair and desperation. The depictions of slow death by scurvy alone could qualify […]

Review: The Art Forger

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: The Art Forger Author/Editor: B. A. Shapiro Review:   Art history meets Dan Brown. Or maybe John Grisham. I’m unsure. It’s one of those writers, or someone similar. Historical mysteries, ill-conceived heists, and courtroom shenanigans. The books feels like it wants to be all things to all people. Some drama, some […]

Review: Fashionable Nonsense

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: Fashionable Nonsense Author/Editor: Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont Review:   [Call it sloven or lazy, I am simply going to copy my own review from Goodreads into this section. So there.] To put it briefly, I think this book is doing something that is incredibly important, and should probably be read […]

Review: The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2011

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Title: The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2011 Author/Editor: Paula Guran Review: I’m not going to lie to you: the first thing that grabbed me about this book was that cover. Look at it over there…so very well-designed. I knew — from the moment it first uploaded to my […]

Leveling My Opinion Like an Inelegant Sledgehammer

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I’ve decided to start posting short reviews of books as I finish reading them. Yes, that’s right: I read a book, it gets written about here. Links will be plastered all over up in this piece, too, let me tell you. When does it begin? Now. I also would like […]