shameless self-aggrandizement

Confessions of a Dice Roller

It’s not often that I’m completely candid. Even here on this site, I edit myself. I bite my tongue. I hold back. Even with you, little web-crawler bots that are likely my sole audience, I don’t share everything. I keep some bits of data to myself. But today will be a bit different. Today, I’m going […]

I Have Joined the Tweet-Box!

I have emerged… Crept out on to yet another of the Internet’s numerous, onion-skin layers. Like a confused moth bursting from its cocoon—unsure of its surroundings and about to pitch, face-first, on to the ground—I am now on Twitter. You can find me there, if you know where to click. If you are easily amused by […]

Centennial Ebook Extravaganza!

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) This very day, the download count at Smashwords for my ebook… HAS REACHED 100! I’d like to thank anyone and everyone who took the time to download a copy. If you haven’t, consider doing so. And, if you read it, do consider throwing a review or a rating up at […]

Self-Proliferating Like a Bread Mold

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Leave me to sit in a warm room for a while and I will start popping up all over the place. Take, for example, these spiffy, new instances of web-presence: My very own Goodreads Author profile. The Dark Outside at Barnes & Noble. The ebook at Kobo. If you haven’t […]