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The Evolution of Specious

(Originally posted to Blogger site.) I have made the great leap. I have set gears into motion. I have cast the die. At some point in the near future, this virtual homestead will be moving. I have purchased a domain — web real estate; virtual property. And so I will be moving this blog and […]

“Change Out of Your Street Clothes! We’ve Got Guests Comin’ Over!”

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) Yes, once again, I’ve attempted to clean this place up. To give it a nicer, more aesthetic veneer in the hopes that you, the reader, might gaze with a favorable eye…. might sup with fervor at the succulent-though-vitamin-deficient bounty I have laid out before you on the table…. might, after […]

Please Excuse Our Dust

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) If you happen to be one of the web-crawling bots that regularly reads my blog, you might notice some sudden changes or alterations to the format here. Don’t worry. I’m just trying to update the look of the place and arrange things a bit more functionally. </foreshadowing> I’ll need this […]