weird fiction

Supreme Predatory Strangeness

One thing that I like about Smashwords is that I can sift through a lot of ebooks and usually find something entirely new, really novel/fresh, and (sometimes) very well-written. It’s a common critique of these sites that a person is taking a big gamble, likely to find a vast quantity of garbage, but little substance. Recently, though, […]

Jeitner’s Folly, or The Post in Which I Emit a Frustrated Noise, Gesture Wildly, Then Shrug and Shuffle Away

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I’ve changed my mind. About that weird fiction bibliography, that is. I thought about it a bit — kind of knew for some time, in some vague way, that I was dissatisfied with it. But I figured I would give it some time and then see. Maybe I’d come back […]

Weird Fiction: An Evolving Bibliography (1st Stage)

(Originally posted on Blogger site.) I love weird fiction. It’s a literary interest, and one that I have a personal investment in, given that most of what I write tends to fall (as I see it) in the general vicinity of labels like “weird fiction,” “speculative fiction,” and “horror fiction.” (You know how I feel […]